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EXCLUSIVE!Ranbir Singh-Deepika Padukone Mumbai Wedding reception: It will be a total musical night.

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The newly wedded couple of B-town are hosting their second wedding reception today. And we have some exclusive event of this night. According to the close source who is also attending the reception tonight has mentioned that it will be a total musical night. Yes,and the very handsome and energetic Deepveer has set the playlist ready for tonight events .And everyone are so much eager and desperately waiting for this night as these event is all about Music,Bollywood celebs coming to the floor with lots of fun and hungama.

Few days ago these couple had their first reception. And from their wedding pictures till to the reception date they have made us mesmerize and go wow. But they also were also surrounded by the troll as Ranbir has his own taste of styling but this time Surprisingly Deepika was pulled onto the troll with her over styling and bad taste.Her pictures were posted on social sites and been mentioned her as a fulo ki dukan,gamla,and over styled. Whatsoever people are watching them and been following them that might be the reason of the troll.

But,they have beautifully carried themselves with a big smile always on their face and it looks like they are enjoying this moment no matter what others opinions comes by.They are looking perfectly happy and glowing what else a couple want from each other then? Now we just have to wait and watch how the event will be and who are attending on this celebration.

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