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After 28 years when Ujeli aka Brinda Adhikari came exclusive with us sharing her experience and journey of Ujeli…

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Ujeli– A Documentary film on Child Bride in Nepal (1992)

The documentary of a 10-year-old Nepalese girl, Ujeli which carried a lot of Social attention where the main character Ujeli was forced into early marriage and child-bearing, despite all of the medical warnings. In 1992, UNICEF produced this documentary to raise awareness against the early child marriage in Nepal and overall consequences that brings women’s lives when they marry early. This award-winning documentary was broadcast on more than 20 television channels all over the world.And was able to make a very long memory to every audience who have watched it.And talking about the present situation still Nepal has one of the highest rates of child marriage in Asia – for both girls and boys. Although the legal age for marriage for both sexes is 20.

Child marriage violates the human right,made them forceful to change their life forcefully along with putting them at the significant risk of abuse. Child marriage is the will lead the girls for lack of education for girls which will cause extremely high mortality rate during child birth.In an exclusive interview with Sutra Entertaintment after such a long gap we found the main Character Ujeli (Brinda Adhikari ) and her colleague who also had played a very small role in the film.Now both of them are mother of their babies and busy spending their time on their respected conjugal life. Brinda shared her experience that made her went onto the flashback of Ujeli and we could also see that how time flies.She has also express that even today the Child marriage does exist which is a very sad part of our society.After 28 years of Ujeli both of the ladies have never expected that their video will be viral on social media today. They are thankful and much delighted to share their experience.

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Written by Kusum Sitaula

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