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Deepika Prasai’s love being flourished openly in Thailand..

The Reason Behind Posting About Their Realtion,read here..

SUTRA ENTERTAINMENT: The leading actress Deepika Prasai who got a great fame from her recent movie “Chakka Panja 3” had opened up her relation with Diwakar Bhattrai lately. The couple are seen in open romance at Thailand. Though Deepika and Diwakar told they were in Thailand trip related to their work, their new posts and photos in social sites clearly shows in which trip they are there for!!

The couple are seen so chilled and madly in love with each other in their photos. Before going to Thailand the couple announced their relation with eachother and also shared about their court marriage plus their official engagement  so that they can openly enjoy their vacation without any unnecessary media papparazzi buzz.

Actress Deepika has shared a photo in her social site where both are seen kissing eachother with a great passion. whereas, Diwakar Bhattrai shared a photo with Deepika in a cafe with a caption ‘Romantic Mood’.

Though the couple denied about their relation before, now after the news has spread publicly the couple has not hesitated a bit to show their love to the world.

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