Garima Panta Holidaying Hard With Her Hubby, Bikini Pictures Viral on Internet

The beautiful and ever gorgeous actress of Nepali Film Industry Garima panta is quite far from this film horizon. Yes, the reason is that she is happily married to the very handsome hunk and renowned business man Hari Thapaliya of Belgium who is also an NRN. They have been married three years ago and garima after the marriage is living happily with her hubby is on Belgium.

After spending some time in the industry she was not recognize but one of the biggest turning point came in her life when she acted on a movie “JHOLA”. This film is totally based on the sati system where a woman has to fetch with her husband funeral. This film made her carrier go fly in the blue sky but destiny has something else in her bag and when she was holidaying to Brussels she met love of her life.