Legendary Singer Bala Bhattarai comes in media after ages,we bet nobody can’t stop their tears after watching this.

The legendary singer of Nepali Music industry Bala Bhattarai has come up exclusive in Sutra Entertainment along with her sufferings and pain she has after ages.She has come in media and and and what we felt that she is going through the very rough patches of her life. She shared her past days of her musical carrier with the very famous singer Anju Pant. But just because of her commitment towards her sick mother who needs a care and attention she couldn’t give time to her music.We could feel that pain and dedication for her unconditional love that she has for her mother is eternal.

Bala’s dream of continuing her musical journey is still on the way.And we have shared a very emotional video of her singing song which is dedicated for her mother. And we could not stop our tears after watching this.

Click down the link below to watch the full video..

Written by Kusum Sitaula

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