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Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwoda has made it to the (Head to Head Challenge) finale on Miss World 2018

She has made it to the top 20 of Head to Head Challenge… finale of Miss World 2018..Read here for full story..

As always the Miss World is going to happen and the successor of the crown will be representing their country with a pride along with the crown. And we all know that our very own Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwoda is grabbing all the attentions from the people around the globe,and now its time to congratulate her as she has made it to the top 20 in Head to Head Challenge and if she wins this round she will be placed in top 30 on Miss World 2018. Yes,as we all know that she is very down to earth and have left an unforgettable remarks in the history of Miss World journey.

Her introduction video has been watched by millions of people and been reacted positively. She has courageously made an impact in the Beauty with the Purpose where there is a very high chance of her getting that title with a pride.And she is the Miss Nepal who has been loved and showered with tons of votes and so many people around the globe are predicting that she will be taking that crown to Nepal. And most amazing thing is that she was able to collect more than 60 lakhs Nepali rupees from the donation campaign of Nepal and around the Globe. She has also been a boon to the Chepang Village where people are illiterate and has no place of hygienic environment.She was able to make a stand in the Chepang village and has proudly established a health post building in her design as she is an architecture student. Her noble cause is really priceless and the people of Chepang village has a big smile with her effort. After surfing her work on YouTube on Chepang village we could feel that she has not only just a beautiful face but has a golden heart which beats for Nepal and she has been shining like a star around.

Her friendly nature and bold straight forward attitude is so magnifying and all the people are talking about her taking the crown back home. She is now in top 20 and was able to succeed among-st  the 121 beautiful ladies around the world. She has also placed a very good impressions on the Head to Head Challenge which was divided on 20 groups and she has been selected representing Nepal.

Now we just have to wait and watch that how will she be performing in the finales along with other competitors,And this time the whole world,Nepal and Nepalese are waiting and praying her to win this tittle and make a history by winning the Miss World 2018. Our love,support and blessings is with you our Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Katiwoda.

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