Pooja Sharma and Akash Shrestha signed for the Movie “Poi Paryo Kale”

They have signed the movie for a huge amount according to the reports.

The very beautiful,flexible and talented actress Pooja Sharma is back from UK after the shooting of Samhalincha Kahile man
And just recently she has signed for another movie “Poi Paryo Kale”.She is loved and being followed by her fans and also known for her straight forward attitude.

The movie is directed and penned by Sishir Rana and along with Pooja Sharma, Akash Shrestha has been signed for this film.The film shooting will start from jestha and the main theme of this film will be beauty is a secondary option whereas Inner beauty is internal which lasts forever.

If we have a good thought and heart everything will make a perfect blend according to the writer and director of the film. Pooja has signed a huge amount for the film where she is given 20 lakh rupees.

She added that signing amount is big thing too and not so big too it is that if i work i give hundred percent on it and the main reason for signing the film for me is that i like the story and content of the film.Nowadays Pooja Sharma is linked with her co-actor Akash Shrestha and being rumored for dating each other as a couple.But,the couple denies it saying that they are just a very good friends.

Written by Kusum Sitaula

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