Prakash Saput is back again with Dohori Battle 2 along Preeti Ale and the video is outstandingly awesome..

Click here to watch the Video..

There are amazing songs and videos that has amazed us in so many ways. And talking about the Nepali music we are undoubtedly rich in our cultural values and norms.And folk music is something that has made every Nepali music to reach into the global world. After giving the hit song Prakash Saput is back with the Dohori Battle song along with Preeti Ale. The video is released on his official you tube account and it sounds extra ordinary. With the blend of Rap and Dohori the fusion will undoubtedly is going to play in every disco theque and party.

The battle Dohori between Praksh Saput and Preeti Ale is a very new concept in the genre of Dohori. And talking about the concept,location,gestures,of the video it will be loved by every generation of today.We would like to wish the team good luck for making the history.Click down the link below to watch the video –

Written by Kusum Sitaula

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