Priyanka Karki and Ayushman Deshraj Joshi celebrating their 2nd love anniversary in beautiful Bali..

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The very hot and happening couple of K-town Ayushman Deshraj Joshi and Priyanka Karki are soon going to get married and before that they headed for the space. Don’t get confused here we are talking about their romantic Bali vacation which has stolen all the limelight’s. As in an interview Priyanka said that she is really a hard working bird and Ayush is the one who has introduced her to be a adventurous bird. And after getting engaged as a fiance its there first trip  to Bali and their pictures are cracking like a fire on Social sites.

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~ you keep me safe. i'll keep you wild~ #bali2019 #vacaywithbae 💏 #travelgram #ayankation #loveisallweneed #ayanka

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The duo has shared their romantic date pictures and Bali’s beauty. And Priyanka has shared that its their 2nd love anniversary. Aw,isn’t that is cute? They are someone who always gives us a thought to give space and priority to the relationship we have. She writes..

In the past two years, I’ve fallen in love a thousand times. Each time harder, each time stronger, each time with you❤
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Written by Kusum Sitaula

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