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Priyanka Karki is undoubtedly a water baby! and here is the proof that she loves kids too..

Priyanka Karki is one of the most talented,super gorgeous and hardworking actress of Nepali Cinema. She is multi talented artist with lots of skills inside her, with this it has made oomph factor for her which has attracted millions of fans around the globe.Yes,her style statement has inspired us in many ways. From her raw style of putting the denim jackets, t shirts -skirts and  to the bikini she is a goddesses of style from top to bottom.

But she has been in controversy as she has her own bold statement and believes in professionalism.As,she says she doesn’t care about the criticism and also adds that they are always an inspiration to her if there is criticism. She has recently landed from USA where she was working as an official choreographer for Miss Bhutan USA .As she is always active in her social sites,she has posted a pictures with her niece Dia. Dia is a beautiful daughter of Dikesh Malhotra who is a Cousin brother of Priyanka karki, and Former Miss Nepal Zenisha Moktan Malhotra. Zenisha and Priyanka Karki are best friend and they have completed their 13 years of their friendship. She has recently posted a very beautiful pictures of her along with Dia. The words are really heart warming.As we can see from these posts that how much she adores kids. We can also could see and feel that after getting married she will have her baby soon too.

My dear Baby Dia, You are made with LOVE. You are destined for greatness. This big old world can be a scary place. I hope you know that with your kind heart, fierce mind and brave spirit, you can do anything. Be BOLD. Be CRAZY. Be LOUD. Be EVERYTHING that you want to be. Most importantly, always remember to be YOURSELF ❤

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Along with Zenisha her fiance Ayushman Deshraj Joshi was there and enjoying there summer times together.Now we just have to wait that how her kids will looka like and after marrying Ayushman will she be still posing the same way ina bikini too? For that we have to be patient and see how thing grows up.


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