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Suhana Thapa a promising actress of Nepali Film industry who shined from YE MERO HAJUR 3.

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The debutante actress of Nepali Film Industry Suhana Thapa has shine from YE MERO HAJUR 3 where she has been praised and loved by her acting.Her straight forward attitude,soft nature and her spiritual vibes has made everybody fall in love with her.It was undoubtedly a treat to the Nepali Film  Industry as she surprised everyone with her acting,beauty and her aura.

Suhana Thapa thinks that this film has been penned by god for her as she never thought of being an actress in her life.In her previous interviews too she has said that to be an actress is not her cup of tea.After watching YE MERO HAJUR she has presented herself as a promising actress an industry could ever ask for. She got her looks from her beautiful mother Jharana Thapa who is her mentor,director and a friend too. Jharana Thapa believes that Suhana will come up with surprises on upcoming days. Till then we would like to wish Suhana with all our best wishes.

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