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The reason why Sunkeshari the Nepali Horror film was not successful in the box office.

Still struggling on you tube to make its best place,but sorry to say its a tough business to make people scared..

As we all know that the Nepali film industry and the Nepali films are making a great turn overs in the history of cinemas,from the first film Aama till today’s film like chakka panja 3 and so on they have created a history on itself. But there are some few films which are made here or been produced. Yes,i am talking about the Horror films and there are a very few horror movies which has been released so far. The movie Sunkeshari was released six months ago and this movie as expected could not do magic in the theaters. 

After watching the film on YouTube which has been recently been published by BG ENTERTAINMENT, RICHA SHARMA FILMS and THE PEAK PICTURES IN ASSOCIATION WITH THIRD EYE PICTURES Sunkeshari is not so impressive. The film is trying to revolve round in one story but has missed a horror genre. As this is a horror film the story should be full of suspense,treats and thrilled but the story is diverted in many sections and being mislead. The character Sunkeshari is shown as a very sensitive and defamed as she was cheated by her bf and gone far from her. Then she goes to the haunted house aka hotel which was turned into the hotel from house where the Guy called Ram killed her wife because she has cheated him for another man, then he also killed his two daughters and hanged himself in the house.Then Reecha aka Sunkeshari again met her ex bf in that haunted hotel along with his new girl friend Emma who will be in the target of the ghost.

Its a very simple horror movie with no any suspense. It seems like that the story or the theme has been shadowed to show another character or the plot which has badly failed the film to make any wonders to the audiences.And this must be one of the great reason that it has been featured on YouTube channel so soon of its release.

The first half of the movie was OK but second was so boring and literally there was nothing like a horror movie.Instead of being thrilled people will mostly feel pity on the roles,characters and especially on the story of the film.The misleading and confusing story theme and plot has sadly crushed this movie into pieces.

And already there are a very few Nepali horror films and the story of the film is already a very sensitive matter to showcase so its a huge responsibility of the director,writer or the producers who should always focus on the one line story theme rather than going through the different confusing plots.Its a really serious business to make the people scared.


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