YE MERO HAJUR 3 made over the moon collection in the second day of release,Anmol and Suhana surrounded by fans in hall.

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The most awaited movie of Nepali Film industry YE MERO HAJUR 3 has made a history by making all Nepal House full within 24 hours of its release.The film is directed by Jharana Thapa and presented by Suhana Entertainment in the production of Sunil Kumar Thapa .The chemistry between Anmol K.C and Suhana is loved by the audience where Suhana’s work is appreciated. Suhana is also being warmly welcomed in the film Industry by so many artists.The film concept,script,characters and overall package of the movie seems outstanding.With the release of this film many people have predicted that the movie will make a blockbuster history in the Nepali Film Industry.Today in Astanarayan Hall Anmol along with Suhana and Jharana Thapa were waved by thousands of fans and audiences. It was something really unexpected as the crowd was in love with the Performance of Suhana and Anmol K.c. and shouted for them. The flow of the fans was so huge that even the bodyguards could not stop them and after that with a distant Anmol,Suhana and Jharana thanked audiences for the love and respect for YE MERO HAJUR 3. They also clicked pictures or selfies along with the audiences.

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Written by Kusum Sitaula

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