YE MERO HAJUR 3 Premire show happening today, from tomorrow all Nepal release..

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The very beautiful and graceful debutante actress of YE MERO HAJUR 3 Suhana Thapa has already left the audiences fall in love with her before the release of the film. In every interview she has been appeared, we could feel that there is so much maturity on her. Her gestures and smiley face gives us and every audience who loves her has also felt that she is something more than just an actress. And she has expressed that how spiritual person she is. She is a pure vegetarian and Lord Krishna’s Bhakta. In her every interview she has spread the positivism and spirituality .And most importantly Today there is the premiere Show of YE MERO HAJUR 3 and tomorrow on Chaitra 29 it will be officially releasing on your nearest theater.

After giving the hit movie by Director and Actor Jharna Thapa she believes that the audiences will also love her daughter Suhana just the way the audience has for her too.The songs and dialogues tailor of the film has already made into the no 1 trending sensation on you tube. And the chemistry of Mega Star Anmol K.C and Suhana is too dope to watch.We wish the whole team with all our good luck may this movie break all the record.

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